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Keep it Secure!

Know the best way to keep your stuff secure? Put it in a safe of course.


Precision crafted in America, War Dog safes are designed with the features of high-end upright safes, but in a smaller, discreet size that fits almost anywhere. War Dog’s low-profile provides immediate access to important documents, firearms or jewelry any time, day or night.

The 14-gauge steel body combines with four ¾” stainless steel extendable locking pins, a hidden electronic rotary latch and a hardened drill plate to make the safe hard to defeat. A completely seam welded body means no points of entry for thieves or fire.

Available with biometric, electronic keypad and key entry, War Dog provides state-of-the-art security.

These are made when ordered so you know that when you receive yours, it was made specifically for you.



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Kowa 88mm Spotting Scopes

There are many spotting scopes available in today’s marketplace, but few are better than Kowa’s 88mm series of spotting scopes. Here are some of the specifics of these Kowa spotting scopes which are available for sale at

Product Highlights
• It’s the big objective lens-indeed, the “eye” of the Kowa Prominar Spotting Scope that sets it apart from the competition. For birders and hunters alike, these are the scopes that re-define clarity, because-among their other impressive features-they boast a large 88mm Pure Flourite Crystal Prominar objective lens. Ensuring maximum light gathering, clear visual range and sharp images that traditional glass lenses can not attain in the field.• The magnesium alloy body makes the scopes rugged, compact, easy to carry and handle, making them an ideal companion in the great outdoors. The waterproof housing meets the rigorous standards of JIS Protection Class 7; they are also charged with dry nitrogen gas to prevent fogging.

• Utilizes Kowa’s new innovative inner focus system to decrease image movement when focusing on objects-even single handed.

Eye Pieces
• Multiple interchangeable eyepieces available including 20x-60x, Zoom; 30x, Wide; and 25x, LER for total versatility in the field. Eyepiece locking mechanism prevents the eyepiece from falling out or getting lost. Converters allow users to utilize eyepieces from other Kowa spotting scope series.


The Single Portable Air Gun Range

Ever wanted to shoot your air gun but find holes in the walls bothersome? Are those nosey neighbors haggling you about using your air gun in the backyard? The Single Portable Air Gun Range may be what you need.

This systems allows individuals to quickly create a safe air gun marksmanship training environment in virtually any open space.

The Single Portable Air Gun Range allows you to set up a mini-range within your own garage. The system is 83″ tall and 30″ wide and holds a single target box.

The high density ballistic nylon curtain is able to withstand multiple impacts, fired at a single 1/4″ point, from pellets with a muzzle velocity of up to 600 feet-per-second.

The frame itself is constructed with heavy duty square steel tubing and each part is labeled for easy identification and construction.

The target box has been designed for easy emptying of spent pellets. They provide 100% pellet containment for any pellet passing through the paper target (No more mess to clean up around the floor). The cardboard divider within the target box keeps spent pellets away from the back of the target paper making target changing neat and clean. Ab abrasion resistant steel impact plate with a Brinnel hardness rating of 450 ensures complete absorption of impact with no dimpling effect. A plate witch dimples or dents will eventually cause ricochets, which is commonplace for systems using cold-rolled steel impact places. Our plate exceed the Marine Corps Range Safety Officer requirement of a Brinnel rating of 360/400.


If you are looking for something to shoot at to hone in your marksmanship skills, this may be the best thing for you.



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MAR177 PCP Conversion Kit

The MAR177 conversion kit replaces your existing AR/M4 style upper and converts it into a PCP .177 caliber competition air rifle. Designed to support 10-meter match air rifle competition, the MAR177 is just as well suited for target shooters who are interested in maintaining their same shooting platform. The MAR177 offers shooting at a fraction of the cost of centerfire ammunition.



The gun features a removeable 10-round rotary magazine, rifled and choked free floating Lothar Walther™ barrel, airstripper, carry handle and a Picatinny rail system that accepts all mil-spec options for the sight system you prefer.


Check out this article about the MAR177!


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