Brand new from Hornady, this case is based off the 30 Remington and 6.8 SPC case. It has the same head size and magazine as the 6.8 SPC case. It also has the same MAP at 55,000 PSI and the same area under the pressure curve as the 5.56 NATO. The overall length of the 6mm Hagar is the same as the 5.56 NATO at 2.260 inches. This cartridge has 30 percent less bolt thrust than the 30 Remington AR but requires no special bolts or magazines; it is transparent to the 6.8 SPC.

The 6mm Hagar uses standard 243 Winchester barrel rifling and twist and has been considered the most versatile cartridge ever in the AR-15 platform. The competition performance was defined by Carl Bernosky’s success (2011 National High Power Champion; Camp Perry, OH).  Hagar rifles have a 22-250 Remington performance with varmint weight projectiles and a 243 Winchester performs with hunting weight projectiles. There are no cartridges currently available in the AR-15 that offers this performance versatility.

The performance with a 24 inch barrel are as follows:

  • 58 grain VMAX Superformance load 3,575 fps
  • 75 grain AMAX Match load 3,025 fps
  • 90 grain SST Superformance load 2,940 fps
  • 105 grain single shot match load 2,750 fps

The suggested gun configurations are as follows:

  • Match rifle: 28” barrel with rifle length gas tube
  • Varmint rifle: 24” barrel with rifle length gas tube
  • Hunting rifle: 22” barrel with rifle length gas tube