Hardback Leather Coat

Shooting offhand in a Creedmoor heavy shooting coat is like leaning against a fencepost for support.  Better scores prove it.  Our superior design gives emphasis toward supporting the shooters standing position.



The Basics

The raglan sleeves allow for an all-important shoulder fit and a zipper in the non-dominate arm permits releasing bulky material in the crook of the arm while shooting standing. The nylon mesh under-arm gussets we install allow the coat to breathe and create unrestricted movement. The heavy quilted, quarter inch felt padding gives the shooter great body support and gives them that “Fencepost” feel.

The strategically placed added padding creates the “low pulse” effect when shooting with the sling on the arm. One half inch padding on the elbows allows the shooter to be in the prone position more comfortably than without a coat. The textured rubber on the elbows, body and pulse pad provide a slip resistant contact while in the different positions.

The contoured side-released nylon buckles with adjusting straps secure the coat around the body for maximum support. Each strap comes with a 5 inches to spare leaving the shooter room to adjust if needed in different positions. Most shooters tend to wear a sweatshirt under the coats so added strap length has been helpful for those bulky situations.

The coats all come with a soft, removable and washable terry cloth collar. It not only absorbs the sweat that can accumulate around the shooters neck but also protects the shooter from harmful UV rays on a hot summer day. The collar is attached with Velcro and can be thrown into the washing machine when needed.


Hardback Cordura/ LeatherCoat


Though the upgrades aren’t a necessity in improving your scores, they can definitely help with the comfort and ease in achieving those goals.

The ventilation option on our coats allows for the body heat to escape while allowing the cool outside air cool within. The nylon mesh starts under the arms and goes down the two rear quarter panels on the back of the coat. No support is lost when adding this upgrade to a hardback coat.

The All Position Upgrade is a must have for 3-position shooters. We insert a heavy duty eleven inch zipper on the bottom of both sides of the coat, that when un-zipped, allow the coat to open for a better and more comfortable sitting and prone position. No need to unbuckle those last buckles in order to sit down properly.

The removable shoulder pad is a shock absorbing, felt material that can be attached to the inside of the shooting coat behind the rubber should pad. Velcro strips allow the one half inch pad to be placed and removed when needed.

Our newest upgrade is the shoulder straps. Two ¾ inch buckles with webbing take up any “slack” to eliminate any bulging on the shoulder pad whilst in the prone position. These straps also help pull the rubber up on the shoulder to better help the butt stock align with the non-slip rubber.

Hardback Cordura Coat


Other Add-Ons

A few other add-ons are available when purchasing a hardback coat. The shooter can choose to have his or her coat personalized with an embroidered emblem. The shooter lets us know what they would like to have on the coat and we then have that embroidered onto an oval piece of black leather which is then sewn onto the coat.

The American flag is a way our shooters have expressed their pride in our great country. The flag measures three inches long and two inches high and is sewn onto the left side of the coat.

The Creedmoor Sports patch is our logo in a 4 inch patch form. It can be sewn on wherever the shooter wants it to be. It can be ordered on the coat or separately.