We’re getting phone calls, emails, and questions on our Face Book page from people concerned that their Creedmoor hardback coats are no longer legal for use. I’ll attempt to clear this up and hope my answer finds its way around.

I’ve underlined what I believe to be the key words and phrases in this new CMP rule:

6.11.1: Shooting Jackets
Shooting jackets made of flexible material may be worn in all Service Rifle and CMP Games Rifle events except Rimfire Sporter. Shooting jackets may have shoulder, sling and elbow pads providing those pads are not constructed so as to provide rigid artificial support. Jacket constructions that use back bracesnon-flexible liners or other non-flexible materials are prohibited.

Creedmoor Coats, including our “hardback” coats, contain NO plastic, only cloth. I think it’s safe to assume cloth is “flexible”, and not “rigid”. Some of the confusion stems from a book written back in 2007 called Slings and Things in which the author incorrectly describes our Hardback coats, writing: “The main body of the coat is lined with a heavy cotton canvas. The “Hardback” is a plastic insert that essentially splints the lower back and seat.” This is completely FALSE. While it’s true other manufacturers use plastic inserts, Creedmoor Sports NEVER has. (This is not a jab at the author of that book. I’m sure it was an honest mistake.)

There ARE heavy shooting coats out there that will be affected by this rule since they do use “rigid, non-flexible materials” in the form of hard plastic inserts. If you do own a coat with a plastic insert in the back, you may want to contact the manufacturer and ask them for their interpretation of this rule, as well as NRA rule 5.2 which was around prior to them marketing and selling that particular coat.