As technology progresses throughout the years, we are finding ourselves using our smart-phones more and more for every day things such as grocery lists to browsing the internet. With these technology advances came a new way to track your competition- Shooting Apps.




“Where2Shoot” was launched by the NSSF to provide a directory of shooting ranges with a tap of your finger. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store (not available for Android at this time). This app also includes videos, news and tips for our shooters.

To use this app, the user can either use GPS to find the nearest location or search by zip code and state. The app will then provide information about the ranges and any activities offered at that location.


This app can definitely come in handy if you are out of town or if you just moved to a new area.









Here is an app that really does it all. “RangeLog” is a personal logbook with access to 1000’s of ranges, guns and drills.
This app is only found on Google Play (Android market, unavailable at iTunes store at this time) and it is a neat little app to have when on the range.
Here are some of the things RangeLog can do:
  • Search and review thousands of shooting ranges
  • Search and review hundreds of shooting drills and stages
  • You can add live-fire activities, scoring, time and goals along with target photos
  • Add and review dry-fire log activities for each of your firearms
  • Add and review firearms maintenance activities such as cleaning and repairs
  • The personalized dashboard allows the user to create links to their favorite features on the app
  • The syncing option allows the shooter to use the application without connectivity. You will need to have a RANGELOG.COM account (free for basic)
The only downside to this app is that you MUST have an account with and the app is $4.99. If this is not an issue for you (the RangeLog account is free) then this app is a must have for any shooter.
Premium accounts (paid)  will soon have premium scorecards like IDPA, USPSA, Skeet and ammo reloading.