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The Basic Roll Up Shooting Mat

The Mats

Hello fellow shooters,

In this entry, I am going to talk about the different types of mats we currently carry, their uses and which ones are best for you.


The Basic Roll Up Shooting Mat

This basic mat is made from a water resistant marine finished material with extended textured non-slip pads and jute padding on upper half of mat for elbow placement. Interior jute padding provides protection for the shooter in the shooting positions. Webbing with side lock buckles provides ease of securing the mat when rolled up. The only color this mat comes in is Pearl Grey.
This mat can have extra padding and extra rubber added onto it if desired.
The Basic Roll Up Shooting Mat
This mat is better for a dryer climate as there is no vinyl backing to it, if put on a puddle, there is a better chance of water being absorbed.

The Camo Roll Up Shooting Mat

Our Camo Mats are made from the same material as our World Famous Shooting Coats.  Durable 1000 denier Cordura Nylon with extended textured non-slip pads for elbow placement. Interior jute padding provides ample protection for the shooter in all positions. Non-slip pads with 1/4″ interior padding, 1″ webbing and sidelock buckles for ease of securing your mat, and is measured at 68″ long.
The colors are as follows: Marine Corps Digital (MARPAT), Desert Digital Camo, Air Force Tiger Stripe, Army Digital and Navy Digital (NWU).
MARPAT Roll Up Mat  Desert Roll Up Shooting Mat
Just like the basic roll up mat, this does not have a vinyl backing but the cordura is a little more water resistant that the material used for the basic. Plus, you can show off your military branch pride with these custom mats.
Upgrades are also available for these mats.

Colored Roll Up Shooting Mat

Why does everything at the range have to be green? Doesn’t have to be!
Using the same design as our basic roll up mat, this one has the non-slip pads with 1″ interior padding along with the 1″ webbing and sidelock buckles for ease of securing your mat. Also measures at 68″ long.

The basic colors for this mat are made with 600 denier cordura. The color choices are Burgundy, Red, Purple, and Orange.

If you would rather have 1000 denier cordura used, there is a $15 upgrade fee and the two colors are Pink and Yellow.
Colored Roll Up Mat                           Orange Roll Up Shooting Mat
Upgrades such as extra padding and extra rubber are available for this mat. There is no vinyl on the underside of the mat.

Deluxe Fold-Up Shooting Mat

Carrying handles are provided on this fold-up mat so that shooting equipment can be carried within the fold of the mat. The mat has a waterproof vinyl bottom and a marine finished top. Double thick jute padding under the extended textured non-slip elbow pads provide extra protection for your elbow. The combination of these materials makes a comfortable and durable mat. Dimensions: 29 1/2 X 68″.
This mat is very popular among prone-only shooters. This mat already has the extra padding upgrade installed into it. You don’t need to worry about rolling it up as it folds into thirds.
This mat can be made in blue, green or tan. (Tan is the lightest color and reflects the most heat, very important to our southern shooters!)

Roll-Up Shooting Mat

This mat, popular on the high power rifle range, has a waterproof vinyl bottom and a marine finished top with extended textured non-slip pads for elbow placement. Interior jute padding provides protection for the shooter in the shooting position.
   Tan Roll Up Shooting Mat                                                    Green Deluxe Roll Up Mat
This mat is just like the basic roll up mat but this one has the vinyl backing. This is, by far, the most popular of the shooting mats.

Benchrest Mat

Benchrest shooters have asked and we have listened!  Benchrest shooting has grown rapidly over the last few years and a Benchrest Shooting Mat has been requested.   Our newest shooting mat is 27 ½”x 21 ½” (basically the top third of the full roll up shooting mat). It’s made of 1000 denier Cordura nylon with textured non-slip pads for elbow placement. The ¼” interior padding provides ample protection to the shooter’s elbows as well. Two 5” Velcro closures aid in storing the mat in a folded 23”x22”configuration.

Available in all of our cordura colors, including all camo colors!

MARPAT Benchrest Mat                 Closed MARPAT Benchrest Mat

This is our newest mat and they are flying out the door. It has become very popular over the past few weeks.


All of these mats are handmade here in Oceanside, CA. They do take about 10 days to be completed but you will not be disappointed.

To check them out, here is the link. Click Here.

Happy Shooting!


How It’s Made – Hardback Coats

Many people have wondered why it takes some time to build a hardback coat.

We have compiled some pictures to give people an idea on what we see everyday when building these coats.


Step 1. Patterns.

When someone measures their chest and waist size, that lets us know what cut they are going to need for their coat. If there is a 6 inch difference between the chest and waist (ex. 42 chest 36 waist), the coat becomes a tapered cut.

Each coat starts as a pattern. We have many patterns that help guide the cutting department in tracing the pieces for the coat. Each coat has about 50 pieces that has to be sewn together.

Step 2. Tracing.

Once the pattern has been picked out, we roll out the material that was chosen by the shooter. We inspect the material each time to make sure there are no defects. Any issues are cut out prior to tracing.

Once everything is ready, we lay the patterns down onto the material and carefully trace around with a white grease pencil. The portion does take some time. One wrong slip and the coat may not match up correctly when it reaches the sewing department.


Step 3. Cutting.

When all of the patterns have been traced, we then cut the fabric.  

Each piece is then set aside for the next step.









Step 4.  The Hardback Lining.

In this step, we unroll a large batch of thick cotton lining. This is the material that is put into the hardback to give our shooters that “fence-post” feeling. We take the patterns and lay them accordingly to the size of the hardback jacket. We then trace the outlines and cut.


Step 5. Rubber and Padding

The rubber is what make a shooting coat, well, a shooting coat. The rubber that we sew onto the elbows of the coat provide a non slip surface while the shooter is in the prone position. The 3/4″ felt padding that we place within the elbows reduces the strain on the elbows and makes the prone position a little bit more comfortable.

 Step 6. Sewing

This is the final step in the coat making process. Here is where we take all 50+ pieces of material and sew together the Hardback Coat.

This is a very time-consuming step since we have actual sewers on machines doing each of these by hand.


Once the coat is finished, it is packed up and sent right out to the customer who has been patiently waiting.


Shooting Apps

As technology progresses throughout the years, we are finding ourselves using our smart-phones more and more for every day things such as grocery lists to browsing the internet. With these technology advances came a new way to track your competition- Shooting Apps.




“Where2Shoot” was launched by the NSSF to provide a directory of shooting ranges with a tap of your finger. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store (not available for Android at this time). This app also includes videos, news and tips for our shooters.

To use this app, the user can either use GPS to find the nearest location or search by zip code and state. The app will then provide information about the ranges and any activities offered at that location.


This app can definitely come in handy if you are out of town or if you just moved to a new area.









Here is an app that really does it all. “RangeLog” is a personal logbook with access to 1000’s of ranges, guns and drills.
This app is only found on Google Play (Android market, unavailable at iTunes store at this time) and it is a neat little app to have when on the range.
Here are some of the things RangeLog can do:
  • Search and review thousands of shooting ranges
  • Search and review hundreds of shooting drills and stages
  • You can add live-fire activities, scoring, time and goals along with target photos
  • Add and review dry-fire log activities for each of your firearms
  • Add and review firearms maintenance activities such as cleaning and repairs
  • The personalized dashboard allows the user to create links to their favorite features on the app
  • The syncing option allows the shooter to use the application without connectivity. You will need to have a RANGELOG.COM account (free for basic)
The only downside to this app is that you MUST have an account with and the app is $4.99. If this is not an issue for you (the RangeLog account is free) then this app is a must have for any shooter.
Premium accounts (paid)  will soon have premium scorecards like IDPA, USPSA, Skeet and ammo reloading.

The new CMP ruling and our Hardback Coats

We’re getting phone calls, emails, and questions on our Face Book page from people concerned that their Creedmoor hardback coats are no longer legal for use. I’ll attempt to clear this up and hope my answer finds its way around.

I’ve underlined what I believe to be the key words and phrases in this new CMP rule:

6.11.1: Shooting Jackets
Shooting jackets made of flexible material may be worn in all Service Rifle and CMP Games Rifle events except Rimfire Sporter. Shooting jackets may have shoulder, sling and elbow pads providing those pads are not constructed so as to provide rigid artificial support. Jacket constructions that use back bracesnon-flexible liners or other non-flexible materials are prohibited.

Creedmoor Coats, including our “hardback” coats, contain NO plastic, only cloth. I think it’s safe to assume cloth is “flexible”, and not “rigid”. Some of the confusion stems from a book written back in 2007 called Slings and Things in which the author incorrectly describes our Hardback coats, writing: “The main body of the coat is lined with a heavy cotton canvas. The “Hardback” is a plastic insert that essentially splints the lower back and seat.” This is completely FALSE. While it’s true other manufacturers use plastic inserts, Creedmoor Sports NEVER has. (This is not a jab at the author of that book. I’m sure it was an honest mistake.)

There ARE heavy shooting coats out there that will be affected by this rule since they do use “rigid, non-flexible materials” in the form of hard plastic inserts. If you do own a coat with a plastic insert in the back, you may want to contact the manufacturer and ask them for their interpretation of this rule, as well as NRA rule 5.2 which was around prior to them marketing and selling that particular coat.

The Hardback Coat

Hardback Leather Coat

Shooting offhand in a Creedmoor heavy shooting coat is like leaning against a fencepost for support.  Better scores prove it.  Our superior design gives emphasis toward supporting the shooters standing position.



The Basics

The raglan sleeves allow for an all-important shoulder fit and a zipper in the non-dominate arm permits releasing bulky material in the crook of the arm while shooting standing. The nylon mesh under-arm gussets we install allow the coat to breathe and create unrestricted movement. The heavy quilted, quarter inch felt padding gives the shooter great body support and gives them that “Fencepost” feel.

The strategically placed added padding creates the “low pulse” effect when shooting with the sling on the arm. One half inch padding on the elbows allows the shooter to be in the prone position more comfortably than without a coat. The textured rubber on the elbows, body and pulse pad provide a slip resistant contact while in the different positions.

The contoured side-released nylon buckles with adjusting straps secure the coat around the body for maximum support. Each strap comes with a 5 inches to spare leaving the shooter room to adjust if needed in different positions. Most shooters tend to wear a sweatshirt under the coats so added strap length has been helpful for those bulky situations.

The coats all come with a soft, removable and washable terry cloth collar. It not only absorbs the sweat that can accumulate around the shooters neck but also protects the shooter from harmful UV rays on a hot summer day. The collar is attached with Velcro and can be thrown into the washing machine when needed.


Hardback Cordura/ LeatherCoat


Though the upgrades aren’t a necessity in improving your scores, they can definitely help with the comfort and ease in achieving those goals.

The ventilation option on our coats allows for the body heat to escape while allowing the cool outside air cool within. The nylon mesh starts under the arms and goes down the two rear quarter panels on the back of the coat. No support is lost when adding this upgrade to a hardback coat.

The All Position Upgrade is a must have for 3-position shooters. We insert a heavy duty eleven inch zipper on the bottom of both sides of the coat, that when un-zipped, allow the coat to open for a better and more comfortable sitting and prone position. No need to unbuckle those last buckles in order to sit down properly.

The removable shoulder pad is a shock absorbing, felt material that can be attached to the inside of the shooting coat behind the rubber should pad. Velcro strips allow the one half inch pad to be placed and removed when needed.

Our newest upgrade is the shoulder straps. Two ¾ inch buckles with webbing take up any “slack” to eliminate any bulging on the shoulder pad whilst in the prone position. These straps also help pull the rubber up on the shoulder to better help the butt stock align with the non-slip rubber.

Hardback Cordura Coat


Other Add-Ons

A few other add-ons are available when purchasing a hardback coat. The shooter can choose to have his or her coat personalized with an embroidered emblem. The shooter lets us know what they would like to have on the coat and we then have that embroidered onto an oval piece of black leather which is then sewn onto the coat.

The American flag is a way our shooters have expressed their pride in our great country. The flag measures three inches long and two inches high and is sewn onto the left side of the coat.

The Creedmoor Sports patch is our logo in a 4 inch patch form. It can be sewn on wherever the shooter wants it to be. It can be ordered on the coat or separately.

Hi-Lux Malcolm 8X USMC Sniper Scope


All the air-glass surfaces are fully multi-coated using the special technology to maximize the light transmission. The A/O is adjustable. The reticle is a finecrosshair. The rear mount has a click adjustment for both elevation andwindage adjustments. Both E/W click adjustment is ¼ MOA with the front and rear mount spacing at 7.20″. One full turn has 60 clicks. The scope comes with two blocks for 1941a1 and four screws.


Power 8x
Obj 31mm
FOV @ 100 yds 31feet
Eye Relief 3.15 inch
23″ long
25.4 oz.
Exit Pupil Range in Variable 4.2mm
Tube size 3/4″


Here is an article about this scope:



Brand new from Hornady, this case is based off the 30 Remington and 6.8 SPC case. It has the same head size and magazine as the 6.8 SPC case. It also has the same MAP at 55,000 PSI and the same area under the pressure curve as the 5.56 NATO. The overall length of the 6mm Hagar is the same as the 5.56 NATO at 2.260 inches. This cartridge has 30 percent less bolt thrust than the 30 Remington AR but requires no special bolts or magazines; it is transparent to the 6.8 SPC.

The 6mm Hagar uses standard 243 Winchester barrel rifling and twist and has been considered the most versatile cartridge ever in the AR-15 platform. The competition performance was defined by Carl Bernosky’s success (2011 National High Power Champion; Camp Perry, OH).  Hagar rifles have a 22-250 Remington performance with varmint weight projectiles and a 243 Winchester performs with hunting weight projectiles. There are no cartridges currently available in the AR-15 that offers this performance versatility.

The performance with a 24 inch barrel are as follows:

  • 58 grain VMAX Superformance load 3,575 fps
  • 75 grain AMAX Match load 3,025 fps
  • 90 grain SST Superformance load 2,940 fps
  • 105 grain single shot match load 2,750 fps

The suggested gun configurations are as follows:

  • Match rifle: 28” barrel with rifle length gas tube
  • Varmint rifle: 24” barrel with rifle length gas tube
  • Hunting rifle: 22” barrel with rifle length gas tube



MAR177 PCP Conversion Kit

The MAR177 conversion kit replaces your existing AR/M4 style upper and converts it into a PCP .177 caliber competition air rifle. Designed to support 10-meter match air rifle competition, the MAR177 is just as well suited for target shooters who are interested in maintaining their same shooting platform. The MAR177 offers shooting at a fraction of the cost of centerfire ammunition.



The gun features a removeable 10-round rotary magazine, rifled and choked free floating Lothar Walther™ barrel, airstripper, carry handle and a Picatinny rail system that accepts all mil-spec options for the sight system you prefer.


Check out this article about the MAR177!


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